Five ways to enjoy your wine better

1. Storing temperature- Make sure the wine is stored horizontally in a dark area where the temperature does not exceed 20 deg. C. Ideally, it should be stored at a fixed temperature of 16deg C. It is better to store wine in a fridge than at higher temperatures.

2. Serving temperature- Full bodied reds like Cabernet and Shiraz should be served at 18-20 deg. C. Lighter bodied reds should be served slightly chilled with Beaujolais, Valpolicella etc chilled to 12 deg. C. Whites should be served chilled between 10 -12 deg C. Sparkling and icewine should be served from 5-8 deg. C. In case of doubt err on the lower side by a couple of degrees.

3. Wineglasses - The pleasure of drinking wine increases manifold if served in the right glass. Use plain, light and thin stemware with wider base and narrower tulip shape top to get maximum aromas. Avoid crystal glasses with fancy designs. Sparkling wine must be served in flutes and NEVER in saucer shaped glasses, to help sustain bubbles and the bouquet longer.

4. Swirl- Swirling wine makes alcohols in the wine on the sides of the glass evaporate faster, releasing aromas directly to the nose. Hold the glass from the stem for better swirling. Practice swirling in the house with water in a wineglass. Do not swirl champagne or sparkling wine as it kills the bubbles. Also take small sips and let it roll within your mouth before gulping it down

5. Learn to enjoy all elements of the wine - Colour, Nose (aroma) Fruit, Tannins (red wines), Acid and sugar, After- taste are important characteristics of wine. Alcohol only helps develop these parameters for enjoying and is not the basic reason for drinking wine.

Subhash Arora


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