• To introduce, inculcate and promote the culture of wine drinking in India.
  • To create an awareness and an appreciation for the benefits to health by wine. This can be achieved through wine tasting and interactive sessions with wine experts and members.
  • To arrange' Wine- Maker Dinners' for members
  • To lobby with government authorities for special status to wines for health in terms of taxing, storage and vending.


  • Open by invitation to wine enthusiasts; individuals over 25 years old and also Corporate houses.
  • Annual membership fee (January-December) is following:

    Rs. 3000 per person
    Rs. 5000 per couple
    Rs. 7000 per corporate membership (3 nominees)


  • Interactive wine sessions with experts, vintners and enthusiasts.
  • Regular useful information through e-mail.
  • Wine Tasting sessions and also talks on wine appreciation. Members may avail of complimentary/special rates.
  • Wine Maker- Dinners on cost basis.
  • Discounts in restaurants on wines for members.
  • Tasting of several different varieties of wines through group buying- subject to the excise policies and existing laws.
  • Accessories and value-for-money wines using Price-Quality Ratio.
  • Information of wine events in India & Abroad.
  • Wine Storage Bank
  • Wine Tasting Tours
  • General online interaction to share your views, queries and experience.




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