Champagne Dinner at Imperial (#16/168)
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Champagne Dinner at Imperial (#16/168)


Fresh cheese tartine with butternut confit and chives


Seared sea bass filet on a sweet onion tart
with an “eclat” olive oil and tomato conserve


Pistou Soup
Light vegetable broth enriched by basil – pin nut pistou (Veg)


Chicken breast with roasted barley infusion, hearty green beans


Saffron risotto with grilled green asparagus (Veg)


Nougat mille feuille with banana butter,
yoghurt cream and caramelized almonds


         B R U T P R E M I E R
         V I N T A G E - 2 0 0 4
         C R I S T A L  - 2 0 0 4
            C R I S T A L -  2 0 0 2
         CHÂTEAU DE  PEZ - 2005


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Gallery By : Adil Arora

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