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Dinner at Brown Sahib at Metropolitan Mall,New Delhi (# 4/156)

February 14 , 2010

Hungarian Wine Tasting Menu

FIRST COURSE: APPETISERS                         Malatinszky Noblesse Chardonnay 2007

NON-VEGETARIAN                                                  VEGETARIAN
MAACHER CHOP                                                    BHAPA ALU
Fish croquettes                                                             Steamed potatoes in coconut and mustard
BHAPA MURGHI                                                     MOCHAR CHOP
Steamed chicken marinated in coconut and mustard   Spiced banana flower croquettes                                 
SECOND COURSE                                                    Malatinszky Le Sommelier Rose 2009
DOI BEGUN                                                            MOCHAR PATURI
Baby brinjals sautéed in a delightfully flavoured              Banana flower cooked in a
Yoghurt gravy                                                                    banana leaf parcel
DOI MAACH                                                             DOI BEGUN
Calcutta betki steamed to perfection in a yoghurt             Baby brinjals sautéed in a delightfully
Marinade                                                                     flavoured yoghurt gravy                          
Served with steamed riceServed with steamed rice

THIRD COURSE                                                  Malatinszky Noblesse Pinot Bleu 2007
                                                                        Malatinszky Villanyi Cabernet Franc 2006
STUFFED CRUMBED CRAB                                               DOLMA
Sautéed crabmeat baked and served in a crab              Stuffed cabbage leaves with vegetables
Freshwater prawns in a rich coconut gravy           Small koftas of lightly spiced plantains
Served with fragrant yellow rice                          in a delicious gravy a delicacy in Bengal         
                                                                                                Served with fragrant yellow rice
FOURTH COURSE                                          Malatinszky Villanyi Cabernet Franc 2006
                                                                     Malatinszky Noblesse Cabernoir 2006
ALUR DUM                                                            ALUR DUM
Curried potatoes coated in a mildly spicy thick         Curried potatoes coated in a mildly spicy thick gravy                                                             gravy
KOSHA MAANGSHO                                             ENCHORER KALIA
A slow-cooked delicately spiced mutton                   Fragrantly flavoured green jackfruit curry
Preparation                                                                  Served with luchis – puffed bread
Served with luchis – puffed bread


Steamed sweetened yoghurt baked in an earthen vessel
Bengali pancakes with a filling of sweetened coconut and kheer

Malatinszky Noblesse Chardonnay 2007

Malatinszky Le Sommelier Rose 2009

Malatinszky Noblesse Pinot Bleu 2007 

Malatinszky Villanyi Cabernet Franc 2006 

Malatinszky Noblesse Cabernoir 2006 



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