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What are the reasons of growth of sales in UK of Rose` champagnes?

There is a universal trend to drink more pink wines. Even in France, consumption of Rose` is better. At cocktails it is preferred and also women prefer them.

Champagne is the only region where mixing of red and white wine is allowed to make Rose`. Maceration is not used. By the way, Rose` also gives the impression of having a sweet drink though it has nothing to do with the sugar level which depends upon the dosage and the style of making champagne. Thus, increase in consumption of Rose` is more.

There are countries still making ‘champagne'. Can't you stop them?

Champagne makes you smile, and not sleep. After 15 mins. your eyes are brilliant and you are smiling. Try doing it with beer or whisky- you won't get that feeling.

In EU it is prohibited to call any sparkling wine . In the USA, they refuse to toe this line though producers are discouraged from so doing. I am very emotional about the subject.

How do you view champagne differently than wines?

Champagne makes you smile, and not sleep. After 15 minutes of drinking champagne your eyes are brilliant and you are smiling. Try doing it with beer or whisky and you never get the feeling.

How do you store champagne?

Like any other wine-horizontally and at constant temperature of 15 degs. Otherwise it has the problem of cork going dry like any other wine

What is your view on the recent event organized by Sopexa?

We realize we need to popularize French wines among the rising number of wine drinkers in India. That is why we selected India as a venue to hold the ‘Aperitif' evening concurrently with 22 countries in the world at the same time. We hope to continue it on a regular basis every year. We shall encourage and support such initiatives by Sopexa or other similar bodies.

What help does your embassy extend to promote wine trade?

We help Indians desirous of doing business with the wine companies in France. Every company that wants to sell wine here with or without Sopexa is given assistance. Naturally, we promote French wines in all the embassy functions. We meet people in Bordeaux and advise them frequently about the Indian market. We try to contact officials in India and try to have them make wine affordable in India. Besides, if one sells 100 bottles at 260% duty, the sale will be 1000 bottles at 50% duty. The tax collection will double from 2600 to 5000 in comparison.

What is ailing Bordeaux?

There are too many chateaux in Bordeaux. Besides, people in France are very traditional. They always believed they produced the best wine due to their origin. We need to simplify our Appellation system which is very complex. Here also tradition comes in the way of change.

How can one have good Bordeaux wines without burning a hole in the pocket?

Buying second wines of reputed chateaux as you recommend is a good idea. One can buy En Primeur. Then there is also an opportunity of renting cellar space and store fine wines for future use though I must warn you of the burglaries that are quite common in this area.



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